Our LUNA harps-lyres come with a three-month warranty. Please refer to the following link for our terms and conditions:

You can purchase a standard guitar string. Make sure you buy the correct diameter of rope according to the table posted at this link:


Wearing a mask is mandatory upon arrival and when moving around the loft. We are also compelled to request your health passport as well. And we adhere to the 1 meter social distancing rules between each hammock (person).

We open 45 minutes before each concert to allow you to arrive quietly and drop you off in a hammock with a cup of tea in hand before the show starts.

Tickets are non-refundable – non-exchangeable. Please read the conditions of sale carefully at this link:

Hammock concerts are intended for ages 14 and over. If you would like to invite your child to the concert, we organize events specifically for parents and children.

In order to respect the artists on stage, no photos or videos are allowed at the Suspendu loft during the events..


The loft can accommodate 25 people in hanging chairs or meditation chairs on the floor.

No, the concept of our loft is that of hanging chairs so we do not offer upright chairs.



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