Immerse yourself in the Sérénité Sonore experience, a transcendent musical experience in the city, on the water or in the garden. Sérénité Sonore  is a unique concert space, an intimate place to celebrate your rituals, your musical awakening activities for children with the magic of Doudou Sonore. A feminine and sacred sound sanctuary to immerse yourself in the art of sound baths. Sérénité Sonore at home, our harps-lyres, 8 made and 11 strings, handmade in Quebec, accompany you with music, your moments of relaxation and bedtime. Live the Sérénité Sonore experience to the full, transform your events and give an intimate sound dimension by renting the loft Suspendu.

Founder and Artistic Director

I am Annabelle Renzo, Founder and Artistic Director of Sérénité Sonore. Concert harpist and philanthropist, I like to offer healing music and make it accessible to all. I welcome you to the world of Sérénité Sonore. My motherhood, the arrival of my daughter Chanel inspired me to create a universe composed of melody, grace and elegance. I like the idea of a musical sanctuary made of rituals that I make available for all.

Annabelle Renzo


Discover the collection of instruments from Sérénité Sonore, made and designed in Quebec. In the comfort of your home, immerse yourself in a sound bath with dreamlike and magical sound for your meditation, relaxation, sound rituals and family moments.

``When we contemplate the beautiful, it intensifies our feeling of existing.``



The Sérénité Sonore’s concert program is played at the loft Suspendu, our unique and intimate concert-space. Experience a sound serenity, a moment of musical recollection in the comfort of our hammocks-cocoons, for a musical journey to live in weightlessness. Surrender yourself to the sound, the music, and a zen moment.


The intimate concerts at Studio Serenity Sonore offer an exceptional musical experience. Suspended between heaven and earth, we listen with delight to performers of great talent. We have the impression of being welcomed at the home of an art patron who wishes to share with us the joy of hearing beautiful music.

André de Léan

Rent our loft Suspendu

In the comfort and elegance of the loft Suspendu (Suspended Loft), our boutique and concert space, enjoy a all-inclusive service for your events and receptions, corporate activities, team-building, cocktails, baptisms and even more. We welcome you with serenity and authenticity.

``It's difficult to not get carried away by the sound of a harp that steals your mind in the great outdoors, with the help of a woman who looks like an elf princess straight out of a Tolkien novel. Or the surreal vision of a journalist on a summer evening. She's right, Annabelle Renzo: with this instrument, escape is obvious. The imagination does the rest.``

Olivier Pierson, Eastern Voices



Events at Serenite Sonore's loft Suspendu venue


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